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Dinner By Design, your answer to family meal time
Your Answer to Family Meal Time
How Dinner By Design Benefits You.


We offer many different solutions that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. We are constantly striving to meet the demands of today's families. We have listened to our customers and have answered with greater flexibility, outstanding value, and our notorious high-quality delicious and nutritious meals.

Packages *

We offer packages ranging in size from 3 to 12 meals, each serving 4-6 people. You will see greater savings with our larger quantity packages.


A La Carte Ordering *

Our a la carte option allows you to pick and choose which items you want from our ever-changing menus. This enables you to build your own order exactly as you desire, while still taking advantage of quantity discounts where available. Check our menus often because we add and remove items based on availability.


Smart Sides and Desserts

We know dinner. We also know what families want with their entrees. We offer a large selection of our healthy "Smart Sides" to accompany your meal. From our Cheesy Smashed Potatoes or Stir-Fry Vegetables to our Dinner Rolls and Desserts. Don't forget your favorite Smart Sides to complete the meal with favorites for the whole family!


Sized Just Right For You

Many of our customers benefit from
the discounts offered with our larger number of servings of our entrees and Smart Sides, while other individuals,  couples and those with smaller familiies see a greater benefit by ordering a smaller number of servings. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate you.


Half-Size Your Order *

Half-sizing benefits you when you would prefer the larger portions of our entrees and Smart Sides, but would like to split them out into multiple containers. Many of our locations offer this clever option to allow you to maximize your savings and enjoy your meals twice as often!


Staff Prepared / Pick Up / Take and Bake *

We can prepare an entire package for you and have it ready to be picked up after a scheduled time. We also offer many of our items in our freezer that can go home with you on a moment's notice and go straight into your oven. Now you can have a healthy, home-cooked meal in no time just by stopping by our kitchen on your way home from a busy day.


Group / Corporate / Home Delivery *

For the ultimate convenience please keep in mind that we will deliver right to your door. We offer corporate plans for area businesses, daycares, health facilities as well as residential customers.

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