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Dinner By Design, your answer to family meal time
Your Answer to Family Meal Time
How Dinner By Design Benefits You.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Pricing and offerings vary by location. Many kitchens offer options for packages as well as a la carte ordering. Typically each serving costs less than most fast food options and is much more nutritious.

Q:  What if I have a small family or a household with no children?

A:  Many people with small families or no children 'Half-Size' their entrées, or split their entrées in half, leaving with twice as many entrées for the month. Check with your local kitchen. There may be a small additional charge.

Q:  If I'm short on time, can Dinner by Design make the entrées for me?

A:  Absolutely yes. The helpful Dinner by Design staffs are ready to meet your needs. Kindly tell them in advance of your order, and the staff will prepare entrées of your choice for you. There may be a small additional fee, please check with your local kitchen.

Q:  Can Dinner by Design deliver meals to my home or workplace??

A:  Yes! Our kitchens offer home delivery. Some kitchens offer special discounts for corporate and daycare accounts as well. Please check with your local kitchen for further details.

Q:  I'm on a special diet.  Can you accommodate my needs?

A:  At Dinner by Design we develop quality, healthy recipes for today’s families. We make every effort to accommodate your needs. Nutrition information is available for each of our menu items.

Q:  I'd love to gift a Dinner by Design session to a friend.  Do you issue gift certificates?

A:  Most of our locations offer either gift cards or gift certificates. They are great gift options for friends, relatives, teachers, and other people special to you. Most kitchens offer them in any dollar amount. Please check with your local kitchen for details.

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